Nice Things 21 – Quid Game

A post-hospital Livesley and a post-modern Carmichael take a voyage from Scandinavian Pop and Progg to South Korea TV and find the time to lay into James Corden along the way.

2 thoughts on “Nice Things 21 – Quid Game”

  1. 1964, not 1969.

    I saw Zulu, with Cheryl G, a budding ballerina, on a double bill with 55 Days at Peking in Studio City, California. We sat through nearly five hours of drama and suspense that required frequent trips to the concession stand for more Almond Joy candy bars, boxes of popcorn and soda pop, as well as providing us ample time for hand holding, necking and hickey making.

    P. S.
    My brothers and I also met James Coburn, with his Drogo rebuilt Ferrari, one sunny day in 1960s Studio City.

    I just downloaded new copies of The Goon Show, using Emule.


  2. If you know anyone who wants to buy NOS audio cassettes I have nearly a thousand stacked in boxes in my closet, waiting for a buyer. I can supply a list of all the brands, sizes and types.


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