Nice Things 123 – Jig Sore

This week, a very sleepy show feat Shakespeare, buses, the death of broadcasting, organising bookshelves, lots of love for the wonderful @spuddemos @TheRSC @sherlockpod @WhoEvent plus all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 122 – Byrne’s Night

Mad hair, violence on telly, Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Play School, Eastenders, the ‘Johnny Byrne’ factor, the Richard Dreyfuss shitstorm, Drop the Dead Donkey live and why Hamish MacBeth was shit.

Nice Things 121 – Maybe Rain, Dear?

#solarstorms #bernardhill David Brunt’s magnificent #doctorwho book #Babyreindeer #Martha, the surprising George Formby/#elonmusk connection, #clarksonsfarm and the terrifying spectre-cals ghosts get up to when you’re out.

Nice Things 120 – Morrissey in Megadeth

Beltane, teenage bands, hints from the afterlife, Deliverance, sewing up jeans, Helen Mirren and Nicole Williamson, mixing pop (the drink), John Hurt, Flanagan & Allen, and a difference of opinion over ex-MPs on the telly.

Nice Things 119 – The Baste Police

#PaddyMcGuiness for Give Us a Clue? Turkeys & Shakespeare – real? Jon Pertwee, Liz Truss, 90s post-rave japes, censorship, the influence of @ConfessionsPete on Sir M’s pocket and the REAL unknown of the afterlife – what if you die needing a piss?

Nice Things 118 – The Pallet Sketch

A heated discussion about why national treasure Dame Thora Hird was not only dangerous but also rubbish leads us to a story of a common man and his pallet. Whilst this is going on #FawltyTowers is the subject of debate and there’s some actual breaking news about a much-loved British TV institution…

Nice Things 117 – The Importance of Being Silly

This week – Get Carter, Alton Towers, Dinsdale Landen, Paddy McGuinness, da footy, Fawlty Towers, Hitchhikers Guide, taking LSD, Countdown, Big Bang Theory, 3 Body Problem, Mark Strickson, and all the usual bollocks.

Nice Things 116 – Preaster Eggs

For Good Friday #DoctorWho S15 box set, shelves, image rights, William Squire, Argo records, Tom Baker, porn mags and some very ‘forthright’ opinions on the ‘Bolton 3’ – Paddy McGuinness and the Kay twins Peter and Vernon.

Nice Things 115 – Mithering Sunday

The Duke of Edinburgh, drunken performance, Wheeltappers & Shunters, Whicker Man, Tolkien, Blackadder, Shakespeare, The Dogon Tribe, Sir M’s theories on ancient construction and worrying revelations of the misappropriation of Bring n Buy Sale funds by Lord Paul.

Nice Things 114 – ‘Filth’

We’re back – Ken Loach, Wes Anderson, The Family Ness, Zen and the art of Decorating, Leo McKern’s tache, Simon Groom, the sheer terror of a poo-bag ripping, plus all the usual bollocks!

Nice Things 113 – Tom Baker at 90 Special-ish

We battled thru the Guatemalan Death Flu to celebrate the 90th birthday of the majestic Tom Baker, and also discuss the ‘chish’ sound of widnes, One Man and His Dog, Freddie Truman, Give Us a Clue (again), The Traitors, Mansun, Stanley Kubrick, Survivors, The Avengers, ill pissing and Caribou cords.

Nice Things 112 – Twelfth Night?

Midst the swirling controv of when exactly Twelfth Night lands we talk Give Us a Clue, Supernatural, the moment Robert Hardy went mad, Ian Hendry, politics and have a lively exchange of views about cinema. Plus all our usual rambling nonsense. Join us!

Nice Things Christmas

Join us behind the curtain for a festive trawl thru the disjecta membra of our minds as we discuss recording vomiting for posterity, St Winifred’s School Choir, Ghost Stories for Christmas, All Creatures Great and Small, Jeremy Brett as Holmes and have a difference of opinion over peeling mushrooms and Only Fools and Horses.

Doctor Who 60 Special

Finally we managed to hammer it together. Our celebration of all things Who on this Special Anniversary, and we stick to the point…mostly…

Nice Things – Hallowe’en Special

Fashionably late, as always, with a refreshingly ‘Hallowe’en Free’ Hallowe’en Special, in which Lady Paul dares to venture beyond the confines of his ‘Upstairs’ village idyll to board the omnibus for a rain lashed evening of chat and chai latte at Sir Michael’s fireside, deep within the entrails of ‘Downstairs’ Widnes. The convivial and, at times yes, combative conversation which follows covers The World at War, 90s Rave Culture, Peter Barkworth, Brian Blessed, Robert Hardy, Cake’s 7, ancient monuments, turnips, scary people, garlic gateways, weekend guest etiquette and plenty of other good honest rubbish!

Nice Things 108 – An Unearthly Rile

This week – Tony Stratton-Smith, Denholm Elliott, Kevin Ayers, the Mellotron, the current furore over the first Dr Who story, Henry’s Cat, birdbaths and LSD, Peter Bowles, Bernard Bresslaw, Sydney Tafler, a reappraisal of Supermarionation and a lively debate over 80s CBBC schedules!

Nice Things 107 – ‘RSB, Benton’

Later than usual, here is the news – Finding lost treasures, Genesis, The Romance of Coal, Michael Gambon, Clarence, Gryphon, piss cellars, The Sopranos plus da curious tale of ‘Alpine Joe and Jonny da Wolf’. Join us!

Nice Things 106 – Chai Noon

This week – Robertson Hare, paper rounds, tea, Derek Nimmo, glassware, Brookside – early and middle period – The Royle Family, Milligan, Kipling, Lars von Trier, Belbury Poly plus all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 105 – Loo-Fix

This week we discuss our recent Viv Stanshall show, curry, John Thaw, Robert Hardy, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum, CS Lewis, and the basis upon which a trader is granted toilet privileges.

Nice Things 104 – Underneath the Archers

This week – are all door to door salesman ex-prisoners? The Lirpa-Loof, Cheesecake pop, Quorn blood, ATV’s Thriller, Rumpole, Patrick McGoohan, BSB, midnight Redbubble buying frenzies, Fraud Squad, the Blue Moon, Mooncat, stretching 4:3 and the HEAT!

Nice Things 103 – CEX & Thugs & Mocking Proles

This week – Blur, Royal Mail, Paradise Postponed, Hungry Horse Pubs, Pulp, The Feathered Serpent, Ken Loach, Stone Roses, Tug of War, cultural shifts, Timeslip, bats and the bubonic plague

Nice Things 102 – Music of the Beards

This week – vanishing hedgerows, Jim Davidson, The Goodies, chinoiserie, the Pillars of Creation, ancient architecture, soundwaves, Mosquitoes, Queen Elizabeth I & the Morrocan Ambassador, 1990, Star Cops, Peter Vaughan-Clarke and Paul’s shit internet!

Nice Thing 101 – The Left Hand Path

International Left Handers day Special – also 1990, Austin Princess, Soviet Cars, The Unexplained, Burtonwood, Spiral Staircases in Castles, Judy Garland, Jaws, Robert Shaw, Romantic Liasons, The Childe of Hale, Lighthouses, Wasps, Private Schulz, The genius of Philip Hinchcliffe and Ken Campbell

Nice Things 100 – Not Out!

We celebrate our 100th edish with Secret Army, Video Nasties, Eddie Murphy, the workings of the Coliseum, navvies and middens, Come Back Lucy, On the Buses, The L Shaped Room, defining the point at which Brian Blessed went mad!

Nice Things 99b – Clav Divs

Eating hash, German helmets, I Clavdivs, A Very Peculiar Practice, Herbie Wise, Jack Pulman, George ‘Champagne Charlie’ Leybourne, DVD watch piles plus all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 99 – Ginger-Ring

After a break we return with Lord Paul’s ‘Network’ panic, On the Buses, faded newsagent windows, Colditz, Secret Army, Robin Redbreast, The Change, the new Viv Stanshall albums, the need for MORE Ron Pember and tips from Sir M’s Grandad on training dogs!

Nice Things 98 – Widnes 98

This week – #Glastonbury #TheBeatles #GeorgeHarrison #ArcticMonkeys #Wagner #Russia #Putin #GlendaJackson #Titan #Submarine #Sub #Colditz #DrWho #DoctorWho

Nice Things 97 – Witchell Fix It

Noel Edmonds, Neville Goddard, waking up full of wee, Sir M’s ‘Who Pays the Ferryman’ theory, Indian food, Shakespeare, the Amazing World of Doctor Who, plus all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 96 – Summer Pants and Some are Not

This week, Primal Scream, Neil McCarthy, an epic rant from Paul on The Globe, Who Pays the Ferryman?, This Life, Peter O’Toole, The Oxo Family, terrible ITV sitcoms, Bryan MaGee and general tiredness!

Nice Things 95 – Two Years Hence

On our second anniversary we discuss, spiders, palimpsests, 70s ‘lump’ hairdos, 80s Hip-Hop, growing tomatoes, Eamonn Holmes, ITV’s Night Network, Prisoner Cell Block H and much more good honest rubbish!

Nice Things 94 – Feng Shoe

Moving things around, The Omega Factor, Sir Michael’s Hand-feet, imaginary friends, Love’s Forever Changes, Little and Large, Tina Turner, Philip Schofield, Francoisę Hardy and Lord Paul gives his opinion on Mizzy.

Nice Things 93 – The Great Vape Ape

More Lotus Eaters, Paul’s eulogy for Maurice Roeves, Keith Moon’s friendship with Oliver Reed, card machines, Dick Turpin, broken phones, unasked for bar work, terrorising ants as a kid, plus all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 92 – In Disc Crete

Look & Learn, The Lotus Eaters, When the Boat Comes In, Ancient Rome, All Creatures Great and Small plus all the usual stuff n nonsense!

Nice Things 91 – The Jewel Up Your Crown

This week – Lord Paul’s Birthday haul, the Coronation and the protests, When the Boat Comes In, narrowboat parties in the 90s and why Thatcher and Bliar destroyed the UK.

Nice Things 90 – Beltin’ Beltane!

This week – The Romans, both King Arthurs, Stonehenge, Julian Cope, Ghosts of Motley Hall, Sandbaggers, Whicker Man, Dr Who, Physical Labour, Barry Humphries plus all the usual nonsense. Happy Beltane!

Nice Things 89 – Emergency Alert

Don’t switch off your phone! Protect and Survive, Callan, haircuts, Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, Don Henderson, JustStopOil, Peter Bowles’ tache, The A Team plus much more and all the usual nonsense.

The Nice Things Commentaries 08 – Survivors S01 E01

This week, we ramble over one of the major landmarks in British Television history. The opening episode of the seminal 1975 BBC post-apocalyptic drama ‘Survivors’. Watch along with us: To find out more about the series, visit the excellent website. To buy the series

The Nice Things Commentaries 07 – Crossroads #3325

Lord Paul attempts to transfer his Crossroads obsession to Sir Michael with a special Christmas Day episode from 1979, but will it work? Watch along with us Also available from Network ‘Crossroads: The Noele Gordon Years’

Nice Things 88 – Easter Spesh 2023

Happy Easter! Fablon, false teeth, Robert Powell, illness at Easter, Mass, gurning, Paul McCartney, the irreplaceable Paul O’Grady, Freddie Starr, Russ Abbott, the chemistry of Toby Hadoke and John Levene and much more!

Nice Things 87 – Return of the Malc

This week – MORE Dr Who Season 9, the beauteous Ingrid Pitt, BJ and the Bear(!), the coronation, aliens, Glyn Owen, Celebrity Squares, Sayers v Greggs, an update on Paul’s condition PLUS all the usual nonsense!

Nice Things 86 – Bonzo Dogmatics

This week we discuss our recent show in London to celebrate Vivian Stanshall’s 80th, Paul’s health, the joy of Beryl Reid and Bill Maynard, The Sullivans, a difference of opinion over Queen and an examination of 90s Indie music, in particular Lush.

Nice Things 85 – Match of the Fey

This week! #BBC #Lineker #Braverman #Conservatives #MatchOfTheDay #MOTD #BillHicks

#FrazerHines #VivianStanshall #snow #BBCbias #1930sGermany #AlanSugar #RichardSharp

Nice Things 84 – Enuresis V

This week! Bedwetting, Highway to Heaven, an incredibly kind Shakespearean gift from listener Connie, the Corgi James Bond DB-5, Dr Who books, buying crap off the internet and The Last of Us.

Nice Things 83 – Blakey’s 7 (A Hauntology Special)

Posh ALDI’s, Deryck Guyler, Revels, Psychogeography, consciousness and reality, The Whicker Man, Stone Tape Theory, cheese and gifting previously loved nice things.

Nice Things 82 – Benny Storm

This week – Benidorm, The Fawlty Towers reboot, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Negus in Vegas, Crossroads, ‘Cock-Brollies’ UFOs/UAPs PLUS Lord Paul discovers that Matthew Sweet has stolen his schtick!

Nice Things 81 – Them Smiths

‘Urine’ for a treat this week as we return to discuss Sam Smith’s new video, 18th Century prostitutes, crap films, the beauty of Prunella Scales plus a difference of opinion on the construction of Stonehenge plus The Dark Ages. Join us!

Nice Things 80 – Bottom First

This week – Valerie Singleton, Downton Abbey, arguing on Twitter, David Crosby, Gentle Giant, the fictional 1976 TV drama ‘Climbers’, crap films, the Joan Littlewood – sitcom continuum, Dennis Waterman’s Freddie Jaeger impression and Paul tries his hand at DIY.

Nice Things 79 – Fackeray

This week we discuss Hancock Night, the genius of Kubrick, why the world effectively ended in 1976, differing views on DIY, TV comfort food and catch up on the latest from Strongarm, who this week takes on decolonising Shakespeare and Andrew Tate.

Nice Things 78 – Twelfth Night Special

Happy New Year! This week we discuss the epiphany, imagined sitcoms, actory stuff, Phil Cool, Peter Cook, the nature of reality, Malcolms, Amicus, Max Planck, ‘trendy’ Christians, Blue Peter and the ‘Young Strongarm’ adventures.

Nice Things 77 – New Year Spesh ’22

In our 2022 roundup we discuss Stanshall and Lear, Ghosts, Tom Hardy, Terry and June, Never the Twain, Robert Stephens, Peaky Blinders, LOTSW, Reginald Marsh, Chris Boucher, Daleks in 4K, Pink Floyd, 60’s Batman and fatigue with corrupt politicians.

Nice Things 76 – Christmas ’22 LIVE

Join us for our LIVE seasonal trawl thru the date stones, tangerine skins and brown ale bottles in the cultural dustbin to reveal the discarded gems within

The Nice Things Commentaries 06 – The Box of Delights E06

Yes, we are finally at the end of our journey! So watch along with us as we complete the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights.

Here are the links to watch along;

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

The Nice Things Commentaries 05 – The Box of Delights E05

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So watch along with us as we work our way thru the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights.

Here are the links to watch along;

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

The Nice Things Commentaries 04 – The Box of Delights E04

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So watch along with us as we work our way thru the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights.

Here are the links to watch along;

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

The Nice Things Commentaries 03 – The Box of Delights E03

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So watch along with us as we work our way thru the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights.

Here are the links to watch along;

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

The Nice Things Commentaries 02 – The Box of Delights E02

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So watch along with us as we work our way thru the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights. Here are the links to watch along;’Nighted+Showman+Go.mkv

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

Nice Things 75 – Abba Garbler

This week we discuss the snow, Dr Who, Blue Peter, Celebrity Mastermind, Gogglebox, Ibsen, Serge Gainsbourg, History assignments in school and catch up with Strongarm’s latest antics!

The Nice Things Commentaries 01 – The Box of Delights E01

Yes, it’s that time of year again! So watch along with us as we work our way thru the seasonal extravaganza which is The Box of Delights. Here are the links to watch along;

BritBox are currently showing the Box of Delights and offering a free 7 day trial:

You can buy the DVD here:

Buy the soundtrack here:

And the book ‘Opening the Box of Delights’ here:

Nice Things 74 – Bozzy Macoo’d

We return to discuss Kanye, Alex Jones, Simon Cowell, Oscar Wilde, David Frost, The Beatles, Elizabethan insults, Star Cops, 50 quid cars, mood lighting, Arthurs Mullard and English, plus the laxative properties of sugar free sweets.

Nice Things 73 – Master Don

We discuss Trump, Twitter, Mother Theresa, Mastodon, the Kenneth Williams’ Diaries, earworms, meat, The Box of Delights, Neighbours and Peter Jackson’s Crossroads.

Nice Things 72 – Eh Aye Technology

In a packed show this week we pay tribute to Leslie Phillips, Nik Turner, Tom Owen and Graham Blockley, plus how sobriety spoils sprout prep, your local Frazer Hines, Sam Becket and Steptoe, Paul’s village parade, why musicals are shit and plenty more stuff and nonsense!

Nice Things 71 – Bonfire Night Special 2022

Fireworks fly as Michael Fawkes and Sir Paul Catesby discuss the formation of the English national character, 5/11 conspiracies, Shakespeare, again, and liberal doses of The Sweeney, Minder, Fools and Horses and, er, Tartaria.

Nice Things 70 – Hallowe’en Spesh 2022

Join us for our Hallowe’en Spesh, in which we discuss the Taurid meteors, comets, Shakespeare, John Dee, Hotel misadventures, Kenneth Williams, the magnificence of David Benson and establish that Michael is far more common than Paul.

Nice Things 69 – Strongarm of the F.O.

This week, our foreign correspondent Lady Paul and Sir Michael discuss how much we enjoyed the fanwank that was the recent Doctor Who special, out of place objects, Boris Johnson and Sir M explains how flying works…

Nice Things 68 – Rani Days and Sundays

This week we look back at ‘Tippex sniffers’ in school and Paul ‘appropriating’ the speeches of Rik Mayall, Chumbawamba, Kenneth Connor, Annette Andre, the Carry On films and The Brothers, again.

Nice Things 67 – Van Kogh

This week Paul returns to Strongarm mode in an excoriating evisceration of Stop Oil, Sir M continues his worship of Hilary Tindall also Johns Cleese and Lennon, treading on frogs and a tribute to the monolithic talent of Robbie Coltrane.

Nice Things 66 – Love Me Tindall

This week, a very ‘in-depth’ look at classic BBC serial ‘The Brothers’ with a large focus on the devastatingly beauteous and wonderful Hilary Tindall. Plus Amicus’ From Beyond the Grave, Adam Ant, Roland Rat, splinters, misheard song lyrics and everyone’s goto feelgood treat ‘Threads’.

Nice Things 64 – Who Bough’d?

This week we discuss the recent recovery of a lost Hancock’s Half Hour feat Peter Sellers and a lost Dr Finlay’s Casebook, plus the work of Eric Ravilious, Dahmer, the evolution of Lady Di’s hairstyle and, er, Frank Bough.

Nice Things 63 – Kipkins

The genius of Tim Smith & Cardiacs, Nicol Williamson and Pipkins are all up for discussion on the new edish of Nice Things, along with sleep and misleading porn mag covers. Join us!

Nice Things 62 – Holloughby City

In a packed Sunday edish we discuss the furore over the Queen’s coffin queue, the age of Kings, the national character, Dickie Davies and ‘Dans’.

Nice Things 61 – Ginger Vet Is?

Tonight we discuss Robert Hardy’s hair, Comrade Dad, anti-lady ageism in the media, the defection of Gordon Burns, Sir Donald Campbell, 80s news room drama, Stephanie Cole and the lovely Bill Turnbull.

Nice Things 60 – Bored of the Rings

This week Lord Paul gives his verdict on ‘Rings of Power’ and we discuss Hedge Porn, Sir John Gieldgud’s Trouser Bar, The Mandela Effect and everyone’s favourite war criminal, Tony Blair.

Nice Things 59 – The Queen

Unique situations call for unique action, and so we have decided to urgently convene to lead the nation in a moment of reflective contemplation in light of the death of our sovereign.

Nice Things 58 – Soylent Brown

This week – Churchill’s People, strikes and striking, the prospect of another winter of discontent, Secret Army and Colin Blakely amongst the usual cultural disjecta membra.

Nice Things 57 – In News We Truss?

This week we discuss news bias in general, and Emily Maitlis’ comments in particular, the orthodoxy of modern satire, the vocabulary of Television, Spycatcher Peter Wright and the hitherto unknown politics of Ken Dodd.

Nice Things 56 – Cheeses of Nazareth

Escape from the Bank Hol nonsense as we chew over cheese, The Beverley Sisters, ‘hilarious’ scouse dubbed versions of film and TV, John Sullivan’s genius, the peril of school visits to the baths and explore the etymology of ‘Oopizootics’.


Nice Things 55 – Joan of Arse

In full French mode, we discuss the recent furore regarding the The Globe’s reimagining of Joan of Arc, Jerry Sadowitz and the unhinged toxicity of social media in general. Also the immutable star quality of Noel Coward, George Melly and take a trip to the Med with ‘El Strongarm’.

Nice Things 54 – Far From the Madhead Crowd

In a sizzlingly hot show we mop our brows with Thomas Hardy, the wonder of Dandy Nichols, Judith Durham, Olivia Newton-John and Raymond Briggs, and that most upmarket Malc, the piano tuner plus, predictably, Tenko.

Nice Things 53 – Sock Wombles

We return to discuss the sad passing of the ultimate Nice Thing, Bernard Cribbins and also David Warner and Nichelle Nichols. We also learn that Lord Paul has become a ‘firm’ fan of the footballing and has never seen Time Bandits.

Nice Things 52 – Fame, Sweat and Hatch

On the hottest day of the year we decided to record, at Paul’s request. What followed was an exercise in heat exhaustion and delirium featuring Gary Lineker, Edward Judd, 1980s snow and Father Ted. Make of this what you will…

Nice Things 51 – Of Price and Men

This week we discuss the perils of not being versed in ‘blokespeak’ when it comes to having handymen round, Don Henderson’s hairline and the hot weather….conspiracy or cornetto?

Nice Things 50 – Fiftieth Spesh

In this fun-packed 50th edish we discuss psychotic sanding, the resentment of summer, the genius of Jeremy Brett, Robert Stephens and Michal Bryant, why we crave nice things and look at the moment Australia went colour.

Nice Things 49 – Brook No Censorship

This week we wax lyrical about independent bookshops and discuss the current trend toward censorship in the arts, the sad passing of Peter Brook, why minor keys make us sad and ‘Beavis and Butthead do the Universe’.

Nice Things 48 – Gremlins Too

After a break we return to chew over class distinctions within thievery, why Carry On England is the antidote to French cinema, Strongarm’s solution to the Incel problem and a difference of opinion over Narcos. Also discussed is Peter Kinley – retired thesp and Lord of Lark lane


Nice Things 47 – One Year Hence

We return to mark an entire year of talking cobblers. Subjects include the lost mandible of Sigmund Freud, axiomatics and a lively discussion on how TV brainwashes the nation concluding with Strongarm’s view on ‘programming’ and, of course, the ‘Big Horse’.


Nice Things 46 – Non-Doctor

After, another, short break, we return to chew over false teeth, the tendency of stepdads to make men of us, the impending Jubilee, the ‘munchies’, comedy in The Sweeney and George Formby Senior.


Nice Things 45 – Tongues of Maize

After a toothache break, the boys return to chew over Monster Munch, Paul’s recent birthday treasures, the Bonzos, The Lotus Eaters and give their opinion on the new Doctor Who.


Nice Things 44 – You Maddern’d It!

This week the chaps discuss Nazi sharks, Victor Maddern setting up his own record label to commit his enmity toward the BBC to vinyl, Sir M’s new Bechstein, Ken Russell’s opinion on the Carry Ons and the role of pornography in Governmental decision making.

Nice Things 43 – Easterish Special

In a packed programme this week, Lord Paul treats us to a spectacular rant about the latest Dr Who special, Sir Michael takes us on an exploration of Christianity and Mithraism, marvel at the forgotten genius of Gerard Hoffnung and the festivities are rounded off with a chat about Jimmy Savile.

Nice Things 42 – Orwell & Good

In a very ‘relaxed’ edish the chaps chew over how to correctly deter ‘jailbirds’ selling things at one’s door, the vision of Orwell and Kneale and the perils of buying Nice Things twice when drunk.

Nice Things 41 – Existential Prices

Sir Michael’s ‘intellectual’ attire takes the boys on a ramble starting at Dennis Price, then onto Gemma Collins starring in an updated version of The Archers, the price hike on energy and marrowfat peas.

Nice Things 40 – The Post-Couth World

An idle gab about the utility of Unions turns into a ‘lively exchange of views’ on Alastair Campbell, before the chaps settle into more familiar ‘nice’ territory with the Granada Holmes, after which the internet conks out.

Nice Things 39 – Carmichael’s Law

In this week’s fun-packed, thrill filled show the lads pay tribute to that top chap Peter Bowles, how Esther Rantzen ruined Quosh for an entire generation and discuss Paul’s flawless plan to resume broadcasting Jim’ll Fix It in the wake of Nuclear Armageddon.

Nice Things 38 – The Bores of Axos

This week the boys wax lyrical about 1971, in particular Season 8 of Dr Who and their favourite conspiracy theories which ‘might be true’. We also unearth the fact that Lady Paul is a closet fan of ‘Heron Foods’ which Sir Michael insists on calling ‘Heroin Foods’.

Nice Things 37 – Toupeé or not Toupeé

The chaps discuss the way which the disembodied wig of the late Bruce Forsyth can haunt you and face a difference of opinion when it comes to Plato’s ‘Great Year’.

Nice Things 36 – Vertue Signals

In an early morning ep the chaps discuss the passing of legends such as Anna Karen, Jack Smethurst, Beryl Vertue and Sylvie Gatrill plus Polish cartoons, old TV ‘corners’ and Shakespeare.

Nice Things 35 – War Prigs

This week Lady Paul lays out his rather drastic solution to the UK’s ‘Yob’ problem and then goes on to lay out his love for Lucille Ball whilst Sir Michael pitches a Yootha Joyce sitcom entitled ‘Morecambe Mindy’.

Nice Things 34 – A Box of Delights

This week finds Lord Paul in reflective mode as he soaks in the warm bath of familial history, meanwhile Sir Michael compares himself to Jesus and they both recount a shared teenage love affair with red Grifters.

Nice Things 33 – Hippocratic Oafs

In this week’s packed show we embark upon a discussion on the joys of being a theatrical ponce, take a diversion through the nature of reality and finally settle on a synopsis of a non-existent Leonard Rossiter sitcom.