Shedcast 02 – Hector and the Catador

For this second Shedcast I go all Jackanory with ‘The Adventures of Hector and Mary – Hector and the Catador’ – an everyday story about a couple who live in a lighthouse. Mary has the enormous Hector on a diet as today is the day he gets weighed at the lorry park. However, trouble arrives along the way when Hector gets a whiff of the new Artisan bakery….

The Parrotopiate of the Masses!

Good day all!!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to post. Despite a paucity of live shows this year it has still been one of the busiest years I’ve known due to the writing, recording and producing of Parrotopia! My first collaboration with Lord Rodney Slater of The Bonzos. In total it was a gestatory 9 months, but a very jolly one! The CD is now available to buy here or if you prefer to ‘try before you buy’ you can do that here.

A full field report shall be forthcoming in a few weeks when I drag Lord Rod into the shed for a good long gab about the whole process. Meantime here are a few bits of press we’ve done to give you a flavour.

Interview with Arthur Smith for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club

Interview with BBC Radio Tees Bob Fischer

Interview with top comedy blogger John Fleming

Prog Rock Mag Review

Until the next time dear chums!


Shedcast 01 – RODCAST!!

Finally – after much technical mither – Shedcast 01 is here! An in depth gab in the shed over a pot o’ rosie with founder Bonzo Dog Rodney Slater. We discuss his journey from young newt on the farm in Lincolnshire to the parrot he is today via sojourns  in psychiatry and The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

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