Nice Things – Why Didn’t You?

This week’s edish features yet another complaint about the heat, a tribute to Tom O’Connor, plus Michael recounting his time supporting an embryonic Take That and Paul’s great regret at not accepting a role in ‘Why Don’t You?’

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Nice Things – Ghost Shite

Professor Carmichael gets quite aeriated over on-demand television whilst Dr Livesley looks back on pimping his Mam out for pop n crisp on a Saturday night as the amuse-bouche to a discussion on the ‘Blankety-Blank’ lighting during McCoy era Dr Who and the passing of the late Mrs le Mes.

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Nice Things – Bellends in the Kitsch Realm

This week the chaps take a stroll from the Childe of Hale’s grave to Adriano Celentano via Mike Read, Leo Baxendale and a slightly overdue complaint about the smoking ban in pubs.

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Nice Things – Sects & Drugs & Rotten Scrolls

Messrs Livesley & Carmichael attempt a review of Penda’s Fen which swiftly descends into a chat involving onanism, Mr Bronson and wet plaster.


Nice Things – Last of the Summer Whine?

This week, Sir Michael and The honourable Paul Carmichael QC, analyse the psychological impact which the collective betrayals of Ray Clemence, The Goodies and ATV inflicted upon us.

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Sir Michael

The Honourable Paul Carmichael QC

Nice Things – Are You Being Scared? (Summer Solstice Special)

Join messrs Livesley and Carmichael for a very special Summer Solstice edish of ‘Nice Things’ in which they examine the evolution of the British psyche from stone circles to John Inman and all points in between.


Nice Things – The Ice Worriers

This week Sir Michael, and fellow Cultural Historian Lady Paul Carmichael, present an accidental Dr Who special via feigning sick days off school and renting a video recorder.

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Nice Things – By Committee

Join Sir Michael and fellow Cultural Historian Lord Paul Carmichael, for a celebration of all things nice in their new podcast – Nice Things: The Antidote to Modern Living.

The Parrotopiate of the Masses!

Good day all!!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to post. Despite a paucity of live shows this year it has still been one of the busiest years I’ve known due to the writing, recording and producing of Parrotopia! My first collaboration with Lord Rodney Slater of The Bonzos. In total it was a gestatory 9 months, but a very jolly one! The CD is now available to buy here or if you prefer to ‘try before you buy’ you can do that here.

A full field report shall be forthcoming in a few weeks when I drag Lord Rod into the shed for a good long gab about the whole process. Meantime here are a few bits of press we’ve done to give you a flavour.

Interview with Arthur Smith for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club

Interview with BBC Radio Tees Bob Fischer

Interview with top comedy blogger John Fleming

Prog Rock Mag Review

Until the next time dear chums!