Nice Things – Eubank Smoothie

In a special New Year edish the chaps discuss Tony Bliar’s knighhood, the strained relationship between Dickens and Hans Christian Anderson and why Dr Who is shit.

Nice Things – It’s Chrisssssstmasssss!!!!

Join Sir Michael and Lord Paul for a special live seasonal slice of Nice Things.

Nice Things Christmas – Songs for me Mam

To celebrate the festive season, Sir Michael and Lord Paul decided to team up with Smithdown Social Club to record a little seasonal treat for our viewers as they present some ‘Songs for me Mam’ dedicated to Michael’s much missed Mam.

Nice Things – Cricket not Whippet

In a pre-Crimbo blether Sir Michael and Lady Paul discuss Ken Morse, Rostrum Camera, the execrable sitcom ‘Bread’ and we find out what minimum salary is acceptable for the lead protagonist in a TV drama.

Nice Things – The End of Enough

This week the boys present a whistle-stop tour of TV sitcom critique taking in the highs of Hylda Baker and offer their differing opinions on ‘Fist of Fun’.

Nice Things – Sondheim and Tomorrah

After a week off, or a weak cough in Paul’s case, the boys are back with a wind lashed show during which they extol the virtues of finding your own voice and the visceral pathos of Hi-De-Hi – yes really.

Nice Things – Winter Drawers On

To celebrate their 25th show the chaps discuss their memories of ‘The Five Faces of Doctor Who’, the joy of Christmas 1981 including the pain of the Winter Hill transmitter failing, and answer the burning question on everybody’s lips. Was William Rees-Mogg BBC Director General – or not?

Nice Things – Bonfire Night Spesh

In this smoke shrouded show, Sir Michael recalls getting his teeth glued together by treacle toffee, whilst Lady Paul regales us with tales of Protestant bonfire treats such as Parkin. Obvious which side came off best in 1605. Also, at what age does it become acceptable to enjoy the music of Phil Collins? Find out….

Nice Things – Hallowe’en Spesh

To celebrate all Hallows messrs Livesley and Carmichael take an autumnal stroll thru Hallowe’ens past and discover, er, that there wasn’t much of a fuss made of it here in dear old Blighty.

Nice Things – Wankety-Wank

This week the boys take a voyage around Margaret Rutherford via Hawkwind and Dr Finlay’s Casebook and Sir Michael pitches some show ideas he believes will save British TV from the insipid banality of Bradley Walsh.


Nice Things – Quid Game

A post-hospital Livesley and a post-modern Carmichael take a voyage from Scandinavian Pop and Progg to South Korea TV and find the time to lay into James Corden along the way.

Nice Things – Maybe Don’t Fall Backwards?

This week a convalescing one-armed Livesley and his doubly dextrous pal Carmichael take a theatrical stroll from Roman London to modern day Nova Scotia thru a fug of painkillers and Netflix.

Nice Things – Essence of Albert

Tales of Betty No-Toes, the stinging pain of a Dr Scholl sandal around the head and how Henry VIII ultimately secured Patrick Troughton a gig with the National Trust comprise this week’s later than advertised offering.

Nice Things – Living Letts Dai

A very sleepy Livesley – transmitting from his ‘CSO Kitchen’ – encounters an excitable young Carmichael full of bounce due to the return of RTD. Expect tales of murder in St Helens at the turn of the 20th Century and Alf Roberts, Turkey slaughterer extraordinaire.

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Nice Things – The Lowe Must Go On

From the beauty of Jacqueline Hill to the delights of the first Eagle comic via the Mr Men and a confused bassoon. The chaps also celebrate Edward Barnes and wonderful Jims they have known.

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Nice Things – When Diana-Dors Ruled the Earth

In the full glow of autumnal bronze, Livesley and Carmichael examine the quandary of organising collections, the unknown philanthropy of Bruce Forsyth and the thrills to be found within the pages of your Mum’s catalogue.

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Nice Things – Most Daunted

This week a very tired Livesley and Carmichael find themselves in thoughtful mode as they discuss the meaning of life, the afterlife and why there are no clever people on the telly any more.

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Nice Things – Horne-tology

This week Sir Michael and Paul Darrow take an autumnal hack through the cultural briar thicket and discover the importance of character names, the joy of Kenneths and the need for love. Particularly over a bank holiday weekend.

Nice Things – Brewing Better Beards

This week messrs Livesley and Carmichael sleepwalk from Ken Shales Boozeldon to Eldorado via Woodfall Films, The Boulting Brothers, Alan Bleasdale and Margaret Thatcher.

Nice Things – Railway Juttings

In a packed programme this week, a signed photo of Robb Wilton, weeing in cups at the Glastonbury Festival and the joy of finding discarded ‘Noddy books’ on embankments are the topics masticated over by Sir Michael and The Two Pauls in this week’s edish.

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Nice Things – The Cnut of Personality

This week the boys take the brakes off and dive headlong into the miasma of Nice Things. Starting at the outbreak of WWI, Sir Michael and Arch-Duke Paul drive their war horse through a history of horror films with Paul bringing us bang up to date with an epic rant about ITV and modern ‘personalities’ in general, particularly those called ‘Dom’.

Nice Things – Survivors (Series One) Special

Nice Things reaches its 10th ep and to celebrate the boys have taped a Survivors (S1) special. Join them on a journey from Brimpsfield to Hampton Court and answering that most burning query of all. Just where did Abby Grant get all her cigarettes from?

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Nice Things – Why Didn’t You?

This week’s edish features yet another complaint about the heat, a tribute to Tom O’Connor, plus Michael recounting his time supporting an embryonic Take That and Paul’s great regret at not accepting a role in ‘Why Don’t You?’

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Nice Things – Ghost Shite

Professor Carmichael gets quite aeriated over on-demand television whilst Dr Livesley looks back on pimping his Mam out for pop n crisp on a Saturday night as the amuse-bouche to a discussion on the ‘Blankety-Blank’ lighting during McCoy era Dr Who and the passing of the late Mrs le Mes.

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Nice Things – Bellends in the Kitsch Realm

This week the chaps take a stroll from the Childe of Hale’s grave to Adriano Celentano via Mike Read, Leo Baxendale and a slightly overdue complaint about the smoking ban in pubs.

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Nice Things – Sects & Drugs & Rotten Scrolls

Messrs Livesley & Carmichael attempt a review of Penda’s Fen which swiftly descends into a chat involving onanism, Mr Bronson and wet plaster.


Nice Things – Last of the Summer Whine?

This week, Sir Michael and The honourable Paul Carmichael QC, analyse the psychological impact which the collective betrayals of Ray Clemence, The Goodies and ATV inflicted upon us.

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Nice Things – Are You Being Scared? (Summer Solstice Special)

Join messrs Livesley and Carmichael for a very special Summer Solstice edish of ‘Nice Things’ in which they examine the evolution of the British psyche from stone circles to John Inman and all points in between.


Nice Things – The Ice Worriers

This week Sir Michael, and fellow Cultural Historian Lady Paul Carmichael, present an accidental Dr Who special via feigning sick days off school and renting a video recorder.

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Nice Things – By Committee

Join Sir Michael and fellow Cultural Historian Lord Paul Carmichael, for a celebration of all things nice in their new podcast – Nice Things: The Antidote to Modern Living.

The Parrotopiate of the Masses!

Good day all!!

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the time to post. Despite a paucity of live shows this year it has still been one of the busiest years I’ve known due to the writing, recording and producing of Parrotopia! My first collaboration with Lord Rodney Slater of The Bonzos. In total it was a gestatory 9 months, but a very jolly one! The CD is now available to buy here or if you prefer to ‘try before you buy’ you can do that here.

A full field report shall be forthcoming in a few weeks when I drag Lord Rod into the shed for a good long gab about the whole process. Meantime here are a few bits of press we’ve done to give you a flavour.

Interview with Arthur Smith for BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Comedy Club

Interview with BBC Radio Tees Bob Fischer

Interview with top comedy blogger John Fleming

Prog Rock Mag Review

Until the next time dear chums!