Livo Lounge Christmas Special – The Ghost of Christmas Pants

Ho Ho Ho! After over a year of radio silence we dusted orf the old podcasting pants and invited old chum and theatrical ponce Paul Carmichael round for a gab about Crimbo, Crossroads and Cargill with a liberal dash of Dr Who and a side order of old telly bilge. Merry Christmas!!


Livo Lounge 012 – Scarred for Life (Hallowe’en Special)

Joining me for this extra special bumper Hallowe’en special are the authors of the rave reviewed celebration of the darker side of growing up in the 70s ‘Scarred for Life’ Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrence.

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‘The Livo Lounge’ is a new filmed podcast hosted by Michael Livesley, known from his one man show based on Vivian Stanshall’s ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’ recorded live in the heart of Liverpool’s Lark Lane.

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