Livo Lounge 011 – Mike Neary

This week’s guest is guitarist, pianist, actor and raconteur Mike Neary, recounting his days from budding Litherland musician to the unique place he now holds in Liverpool’s arts firmament. Mike discusses his early days in bands, his love of Prog Rock, a shared passion of mine, and Kate Bush. Mike also details his lengthy working life as musician, actor and interviewer of such luminaries as Alexei Sayle, Kirsty Wark, Peter Serafinowicz and Michael Heseltine. Much is covered in this chat from Bowie to modern politics.

‘The Livo Lounge’ is a new filmed podcast hosted by Michael Livesley, known from his one man show based on Vivian Stanshall’s ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’ recorded live in the heart of Liverpool’s Lark Lane.

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