The Livo Lounge 002 – Martin Dempsey & Ste Lamb (The Gentle Scars)

Hello, good evening and ey up! For the second Livo Lounge we dip our toes into the murky swamp that is the Lark Lane Music Scene and pull out a few ‘live ones’ Martin Dempsey and Ste Lamb of the band ‘The Gentle Scars’. The chaps discuss their careers and adventures including amphetamine fuelled charity cricket matches with Motorhead and let rip on life, the universe and everything. Great fun!

‘The Livo Lounge’ is a new filmed podcast hosted by Michael ‘Livo’ Livesley, known from his one man show based on Vivian Stanshall’s ‘Sir Henry at Rawlinson End’ recorded live in the heart of Liverpool’s Lark Lane.

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